We are a new company in the market for the supply of JET A-1 aviation fuel and refueling of entrusted ships, however, our foundation is formed by professionals who have been gathering experience in international companies servicing many airports across Europe for years. Our team decided to join forces in order to guarantee our partners the highest quality of services available on the market through four pillars: safety, experience, professionalism and flexibility. These four words contain the work philosophy that guides every PARTNERS 4 SKY employee.

SECURITY is for us a key aspect of cooperation in such a sensitive area as aircraft fuel handling. Aware of the dangers that each such operation entails, we make sure that the quality of our services is at the highest world level, and each task performed by our team takes place in a comfortable and, above all, safe environment for all those involved in work on board aircraft.

Even though we are a young company on the market, we rely on the STATEMENT of our employees, because we realize that no preparation can compare to the practice obtained when planning many complex operations on a daily basis. The staff we have can boast of success both in the operational field and cooperation with partners expecting the highest quality of services.

PROFESSIONALISM of our team members is an aspect to which we attach great importance. Bending over each project we care about the highest quality of our services. We make sure that the plan of each cooperation is fully implemented by us at the highest level ensuring comfort of service to partners who trust us. Our employees are properly prepared to lead each project to one hundred percent of their capabilities.

ELASTICITY On the list of priorities of our company a very high position is occupied by satisfaction of our customers – both from the quality of our services as well as from the possibility of adjusting them individually, therefore each project is treated individually and its framework is agreed with our partners, whose voice is crucial in our realizations. We want the companies that trust us to be sure that our joint projects are as close to their expectations as possible.

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